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The foundation of the joint stock company NAUJOJI RINGUVA is a qualified and experienced team that, provided with all the necessary technology and equipment, has created a reliable and responsible business. The company's program for socially responsible business covers the following areas:

  • STANDARDS OF BUSINESS ETHICS. The company is committed to ensuring that strict ethical, legal and professional standards are upheld in all fields of its operation.
  • CLIENTS. The company strives to provide clients with fair and quality services.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS. The company respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and operates according to its principles.
  • EMPLOYEES. The company seeks to become an employer that potential employees prioritise in choosing their place of employment.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY. The company is committed to ensuring a safe environment suitable for work. This is a priority in all fields of the company's operation.
  • SUPPLIERS. The company cooperates with its suppliers as a partner, providing mutual assistance in implementing the policy of a socially responsible business by supplying products and providing services.
  • COMMUNITY. The company seeks to cooperate with the community in which it conducts its activities.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. The company strives to rationally manage as well as improve its consumption of resources.

NAUJOJI RINGUVA, AB recognises that its method of conducting business has a direct and indirect impact on the business environment, which is why the company's socially responsible activity is an essential condition for a success.

Because we aim to continually improve our program for social responsibility and encourage our business partners to conduct responsible business as well, we frequently participate in various projects and campaigns, the company's chemists give presentations at schools, various events and seminars.

RINGUVA and Darom 2012

Manufacturer of Lithuanian cleanliness products NAUJOJI RINGUVA and the organisers of the annual environmental clean up campaign Darom 2012 invited locals of Panevėžys to clean up their surroundings. For the fifth year in a row, this campaign has encouraged many residents of Lithuania, not indifferent to noble missions, to unite towards a common goal. It was pleasing to witness the young and the old working together, as well as the occasional toddler, barely just learnt to walk, whose parents want to teach him to be a responsible individual right from the outset.

NAUJOJI RINGUVA has sponsored this event for three years, as well as actively participating in the clean-up effort. The company has a responsible attitude towards preserving the natural environment and human health, which is why it only uses natural raw materials to produce hygiene, laundry and cleanliness products of the highest quality and that contain no harmful chemicals.

This year, the Darom 2012 campaign presented the company's natural and safe laundry products: RINGUVA X stain removers, RINGUVA laundry soap and RINGUVA PLIUS liquid detergents. These products are safe as well as being people and nature-friendly.

SMILĖ and Darom 2011

On 6 April 2011, the Lithuanian SMILĖ line of body care products and the organisers of the environmental clean up campaign Darom 2011 invited locals of Panevėžys to clean up their surroundings and later participate in a fun and pleasantly surprising picnic in Skaistakalnis park. Here the locals could listen to live music, meet with like-minded people and learn more about the Lithuanian cleanliness products manufactured by NAUJOJI RINGUVA. The picnic was enhanced by performances from the Green Choir of Panevėžys, the Rhythm Junkies and the actors of the Menas theatre. All of the participants were treated to soldier's porridge, tea and biscuits.

SMILĖ body care range is a natural, effective and safe line of body care products from Lithuania, manufactured by the joint stock company NAUJOJI RINGUVA.

At the picnic, NAUJOJI RINGUVA technologists answered questions posed by individuals interested in the products and recommended how to choose safe and environmentally-friendly cleanliness products as well as how to take care of one's health and the environment.

“We have sponsored the Darom project for two years now. We are committed to the preservation of a safe and clean environment for future generations. This sense of responsibility is reflected by our NAUJOJI RINGUVA products, which are high-quality, natural products, friendly to both humans and the environment,” explained the company's general director, Jurgita Žilvinskaitė.

SMILĖ and Darom 2010

In 2010, about 500 people gathered by the NAUJOJI RINGUVA company building to help out at the clean up effort in Skaistakalanis park in Panevėžys. The company made sure that the participants of the event had plenty of garbage bags and gloves.

A nomination for the youngest protector of the environment was announced. As many as two 2.5 year-olds appeared and were presented with baskets of TINDI body care products.

All of the participants at the NAUJOJI RINGUVA checkpoint were presented with anti-bacterial soap and a 20 percent discount voucher for products in the company's brand store.

SMILĖ and the Nedelsk project

On the 4th and 5th of September 2010, a team of female parachutists from the Baltic States, as well the SMILĖ line of body care products and the Nedelsk campaign invited viewers to watch the first free-fall formation record being set in Lithuania. The record was set at the Pociūnai aerodrome, where Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian parachutists fell from a height of 4000 m to form a human star by holding hands during free-fall. The record was registered by international judge Jūratė Janušauskienė.

The aim of this project was to support the fight against breast cancer and encourage the women of Lithuania to monitor their health and prevent sickness in time.

Participants of the event could watch the parachuting stunts, learn about how to diagnose and prevent breast cancer on time from the Nedelsk specialists as well make origami cranes out of pink paper – symbols of mutual support and solidarity that were later released into the sky. All of the women that attended the event were presented with gifts of body care products from the SMILĖ product line. NAUJOJI RINGUVA specialists counselled the women about choosing products that were safe to use and what product label information is worth paying attention to.


NAUJOJI RINGUVA participated in and contributed to the Burbuliatorius project – an urban game that takes place regularly over the summer, on every other Monday in towns and cities both in Lithuania and abroad. This event is not only marked by its regularity, but also by the fact that it takes place in more than 10 European cities at the same time.

The aim of the Burbuliatorius project is to revive public spaces in the city and encourage locals to experiment by looking for new ways to use these spaces and by creating a parallel event, the experience of which could be shared in different cities.


We are committed to the preservation of a safe and clean environment for future generations, which is why we only use natural raw materials to produce cleanliness products of the highest quality and that contain no harmful chemicals. This sense of responsibility is reflected by the social activities that NAUJOJI RINGUVA is involved in.

Our chemist-technologist Ugnė Butvilaitė has visited the schools of Panevėžys county countless times. The specialist presented school children with interesting lessons about the history of soap and its manufacturing process. With the help of visual material, children were taught how to wash their hands correctly and how to choose a suitable soap or environmentally friendly cleanliness products that would help nurture their health and the environment. In communicating and sharing their experiences, the school children gained practical knowledge and valuable tips that would allow them to make decisions responsibly by using certain kinds of cleanliness products.