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About us


NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB founded in 1920, it is one of the largest manufacturers of hygiene and cleaning products in Lithuania. We specialise in the production of laundry and toilet soaps, shower gels, shampoos, liquid soaps, detergents and industrial cleaning products. Our products are sold in Lithuania under well-known brands: Smilė, Tindi, Balance, Ringuva, Ringuva X, Ringuva Plius, Žaliasis, Linea, Fortus, Skalbėja, Ūkiškas. We also export our products to Sweden, Finland, Russia, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Kaliningrad, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, France, USA, Czech republic, Brazil, Mexico.

OUR VISION. With a combination of our extensive experience and modern technologies, we strive to become one of the largest and most innovative manufacturer and seller of cleaning and hygiene products in the Baltic Region.

OUR MISSION. To create and provide innovative and effective cleaning and hygiene products that would make cleanliness easy and simple to achieve.



  • Each of us assumes personal responsibility and takes initiative to reach our goals we are committed to.
  • We approach our work with a strong sense of responsibility to create value to our customers, employees and shareholders.


  • We are open to new ideas.
  • We discover new and innovative solutions.
  • We actively cooperate with science institutions and work hand-in-hand with scientists to pool our scientific achievements and knowledge in a combined effort to seek solutions that would better meet people’s needs.


  • We aspire to maintain a team known for its high expertise and professionalism.
  • We stick to agreements.


  • Our products meet high quality and safety standards.
  • We constantly improve our quality management system.

With a clearly defined area of specialization and a goal of seeking further growth and development, we are a dynamically expanding company. We constantly invest into the development of new and existing products and into the introduction of innovative technologies. We aim at creating high-quality, competitive and effective products attractive to customers so we regularly cooperate with scientists from different fields, renowned Lithuanian dermatologists as well as the Lithuanian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology.

This award reflects the intense and efficient cooperation with Lithuanian scientists in developing technologies and creating new innovative hygiene and cleaning products.

Based in a picturesque Lithuanian region on the shore of Nevėžis River, we pride ourselves on our long and reputable history in the production of hygiene and cleaning products; we cherish our traditions and, with the help of advanced technology, create organic hygiene and cleaning products inspired by nature and friendly both to people and the environment.