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2013 - An environmental protection agency meticulously and independently assessed whether BALANCE washing-up liquid, BALANCE liquid detergent for coloured textiles and BALANCE universal liquid detergent met ecological requirements and awarded the products with the EU Ecolabel.

2010 - NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB at the “Innovation Prize” contest, the company was awarded the “Innovative Company” prize in the “Innovative Company” category. This award reflects the intense and efficient cooperation with Lithuanian scientists in developing technologies and creating new innovative hygiene and cleaning products.

2010 - NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB completed a project under the “Innovation Vouchers” instrument of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA).

2010 - The company joined the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association. While taking part in the association’s activities, the company always keeps up with the latest developments in biotechnology and aims to use this information in creating products and improving its technological process.

2009 - a new product laboratory was founded. Over the years of the laboratory’s existence, dozens of products have been developed.

2006 - The Quality Management System recertified in accordance with the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard (Bureau Veritas Quality International) ensures continuous control of products and processes as well as the enhancement of control efficiency. Quality-oriented management of the organization enables the company to maintain competitiveness and to meet the needs and expectations of both domestic and foreign consumers as well as partners.

2001 - The company joined the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA). That year Kaunas Laundry Soap Manufacturing Plant was closed and the whole production process was relocated to Panevėžys.

2000 - The Quality Management System was introduced defining the highest operational standards on all production levels.

1999 - Manufacturers of cleaning products NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB and PANEVĖŽIO MUILAS AB were merged. The toilet soap production plant remained in Panevėžys, whereas the laundry soap and liquid product dispensing plant was based in Kaunas.

1998 - RINGUVA AB readopted its historical name and became NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB. The company expanded its activity and added new products to its range including body care and household cleaning products as well as specialist cleaning products.

1993 - Panevėžys State Soap Plant became a joint stock company.

1976 - Panevėžys Oil and Soap Making Factory LIETUVOS MUILAS was joined to Vilnius Oil and Fat Industrial Production Association and was renamed to Panevėžys Soap Factory which manufactured solid toilet soap of seventeen brands and liquid toilet soap of four types as well as technical glycerin.

1965 - Panevėžys Oil and Soap Making Factory LIETUVO MUILAS launched the production of liquid toilet soaps.

1948 - RINGUVA AB was nationalized and joined to the State Oil, Fat and Tobacco Trust. After a decade it was renamed to Kaunas Soap Factory.

1945 - the soap and oil production units were operating at full capacity at the RINGUVA; the production line was extended to add coarse soap powder.

1939 - RINGUVA AB launched the production of laundry soap under original names “Gintaras”, “Katė”, “Taupa”, “Skalsa” and “Gaidys”.

1938 - reconstruction was completed at the LIETUVOS MUILAS. The first steam boiler was installed. The machinery purchased from Germany was assembled. The production of toilet soap under names “Gražuolė”, “Bitutė”, “Migdolinis”, “Kokosinis” was launched. Construction of an oil plant started.

1933 - LIETUVOS MUILAS was founded. During the first year of operation, it launched the production of laundry soap “Skalbėja”. The company had five office employees and twenty four workers.

1920 - RINGUVA AB was founded in Žemieji Šančiai in Kaunas. The company was the first in Lithuania to produce various vegetable fats including cooking oil, pomace for animal feed and drying oil used for painting.