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Cleanliness products from the BALANCE range are granted EU ecological labels

Three products from the BALANCE cleanliness range manufactured by NAUJOJI RINGUVA were granted the European Union label for organic products – the Ecolabel flower.


An environmental protection agency meticulously and independently assessed whether BALANCE washing-up liquid and BALANCE liquid detergent for coloured textiles met ecological requirements and awarded the products with the EU Ecolabel on 23 August 2013.


The Ecolabel that will now mark BALANCE washing-up liquid and BALANCE liquid detergent for coloured textiles will serve as a guarantee for the consumer that these are high quality cleanliness products, safe for human use and nature-friendly at the same time. The raw materials used to produce these products and their packaging are easily biodegradable, non-toxic and do not pose any threat to human or environmental health. The product labels indicate recommended instructions for use and dosage as determined by comprehensive laboratory tests. The consumer is provided with acc

urate and clear information about how to effectively, safely and responsibly use the products.


The Ecolabel is recognised in all the European Union member states as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. This label has been used to mark products that are safe for human use and for the environment since 1992. Every product to be granted the European organic product label is evaluated according to rigorous ecological criteria that is standardised across Europe and based on scientific data, laboratory tests and findings.


Consumers can be sure that BALANCE cleanliness products marked with the Ecolabel are better and safer both for them and the environment.