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Stain remover RINGUVA X with a brush was awarded a gold medal

The product of NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB, a concentrated stain remover RINGUVA X with a brush, received recognition from the jury panel and was awarded a gold medal at the contest ‘Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012’ held by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists!


It is an innovative remover containing no chlorine, peroxide, solvents or dyes. Gall – an organic additive – and new-generation enzymes of three types can clean even the toughest stains without causing fabric discoloration, thus it is suitable for use on color fabrics as well.


The contest ‘Lithuanian Product of the Year’ aims at increasing the competitiveness of high-quality Lithuanian products, strengthening the positions of and presenting the country’s industry products and services to local or international consumers, by encouraging them to choose high-quality Lithuanian products in this way contributing to the development of Lithuanian business.


The jury panel of the contest consisted of specialists from numerous institutions in the fields of health and nutrition as well as agriculture. Among them were the experts of the National Nutrition Centre, Standards Board, State Food and Veterinary Service, National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute, Institute of Environment Management and Audit, State Non-Food Products Inspectorate, Ministry of Agriculture, State Public Health Service, Lithuanian Consumer Association, Kaunas University of Technology, Light Industry Centre, colleges of Kaunas and Vilnius, as well as experts of individual industry and business associations.