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Did you know that palm and palm kernel oils are highly beneficial to the skin?

Palm and palm kernel oils are distinguished by their high content of fatty acids with skin regeneration and protection properties. The beta carotene content of palm oil is 15 times higher than that of carrots. Beta carotene is known to protect and regenerate the skin.


Did you know that discharge of phosphates to water bodies causes considerable environmental damage?

Many laundry detergents contain phosphorus compounds. When waste water containing laundry detergents with a high phosphate content is discharged to water bodies (streams, ponds, rivers and the sea), it causes environmental harm. Excessive amounts of phosphates stimulate the growth of water plants and alga, which later die. Bacteria in rotting vegetation consume a lot of oxygen and cause unpleasant smells. Water bodies and watercourses become overgrown and silt up; the amount of oxygen in the water is critically reduced and fish begin to suffocate, light cannot penetrate to deeper water.


Did you know that it is recommended to wash linen once a week?

Every week our skin sheds 28 g of dead cells – the weight of a pack of potato crisps. Dead cells feed 10,000 dust mites, which can be found in nearly every bed. To exterminate dust mites and have fresh-smelling linen, wash it every 7 days at 60° C.


Did you know that Coca-Cola is not just a delicious soft drink?

It is excellent for removal of grease stains. To treat a grease stain, first immerse the stained item in Coca-Cola. Pour detergent onto the wet stain and machine wash. NONETHELESS, Naujoji Ringuva recommends the use of Ringuva X products for removing stains.


Did you know that more than 232 million people in 26 countries lack fresh water?

According to official data, more than 232 million people in 26 countries lack fresh water. Although water represents 71% of the area of the globe, nearly 98% of it is not usable due to its high salt content. According to UNESCO, a little less than 70% of fresh water is contained in ice caps, 30% is ground water, and only 0.4% is surface water, i.e. rivers, lakes, water in soil etc.


Did you know how many household appliances are sold in Europe every year?

21 million refrigerators, 22 million TV sets, 18 million washing machines, 14 million vacuum cleaners, and 6 million dishwashers are sold in Europe every year!


Did you know that a person’s hair covers an area from 300 to 900 cm²?

A person’s hair covers an area from 300 cm² to 900 cm²! A single hair can live up to 5 years and reach a length of 60 cm. Eyelashes take 100 - 150 days to grow. Hair growth is controlled by hormones. Male hormones cause hair growth on the body and chin.