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The sales turnover experienced a 32.6 percent growth

The sales turnover of the joint stock company NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB, one of the largest manufacturers of hygiene and cleaning products in Lithuania, experienced a 32.6 percent growth over the first quarter of 2013 as compared to the same period of the previous year. The sales growth came as a result of an increase in export markets including Russia, Scandinavian and Central European countries as well as Lithuania.


The company’s export sales increased by 85 percent in the first quarter of 2013 as compared to the same period of the last year. “Consistent efforts in implementing the approved Export Expansion Strategy have yielded great results: our export sales are growing and our geographical reach is expanding. Export sales are diversified both in terms of market and customers and this ensures the stability of the company’s business and lays a foundation for the implementation of ambitious plans for the expansion of export sales,” Jurgita Žilvinskaitė, CEO of AB NAUJOJI RINGUVA, says.


The sales of NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB experienced a growth of 6 percent in Lithuania. “Customers are showing an active interest in innovations. They appreciate and are willing to use Lithuanian products which are made from organic raw materials and which are safe and friendly both to people and the environment. We are very happy about this trend because we can offer a wide range of organic and innovative hygiene and cleaning products tested by allergists and dermatologists,” Jurgita Žilvinskaitė, CEO of NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB, says.


This year we are planning to present 26 new products to Lithuanian customers. “This year we will expand our popular and well-known BALANCE brand for people having sensitive and allergy-prone skin with intimate hygiene wash products and a product line for kids BALANCE BABY. Several years of work by our New Product Laboratory have culminated in the launch of new detergents and softeners with essential oils from the RINGUVA PLIUS brand. These products will allow us to reach a new consumer segment that chooses laundry products by looking at their scent palette. Based on the data of the packaging competitiveness research, we are also planning to upgrade the well-known body care line SMILĖ in the second half this year,” Reda Lukoševičiūtė-Klemkienė the Marketing Service Director of CEO of NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB says.


In an attempt to ensure high quality and technological progress of its hygiene and cleaning products, NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB constantly invests in measures that would assist in reaching this goal as well as in the upgrading of staff’s skills. “Two new advanced production lines introduced in 2012 for the production of solid soap and liquid hygiene and cleaning products have allowed us to increase our work efficiency and to ensure extremely high quality of our products,” Danguolė Gutpetrienė, the Director of the Technology and Quality Control Service of NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB, says.


“Our turnover is expected to grow by 20 percent in 2013 as compared to the previous year,” CEO of NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB says.



Information source: “Verslo žinios”