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Environmental changes make demands upon manufacturers, including: innovative thought, determined action and foresight.

NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB appreciates an informed consumer who knows how to choose and offers him or her not just a product, but also a relationship based upon attention, listening, and respect. The Company is increasingly integrating its quality policy into its internal culture and ensuring that each employee implements that policy.

In order to implement its quality policy the Company is committed to the following principles:

  • Presentation of accurate and comprehensive information about its products to the consumer;
  • Establishment and maintenance of a relationship with product purchasers and consumers by ensuring that they can communicate with the Company;
  • Creation of brands that represent Company values: quality, people and environmental-friendliness;
  • Creation and implementation of staff training principles based on development of professional competence and self-awareness. Each employee performs his job realizing that: the success of colleagues’ work depends upon his or her own work; the loyalty of consumers to the Company depends upon his or her own work; the future of the Company depends upon personal initiative; all the above principles depend upon a harmonious and open team.
  • Pursuit of business ambitions compliant with public, company shareholders’, managers’, and employees’ expectations.

To implement its quality policy the Company management undertakes:

  • Through active management, to ensure compliance with standard LST EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • To ensure feedback to employees re personal and Company results and to encourage employees’ initiatives and quality-enhancement.
  • To provide the necessary resources for quality goals.
  • To provide training for all employees.

It is our goal that consumers rate our products highly and that our staff are proud of the Company and its products.

Managing Director Jurgita Žilvinskaitė