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NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB is launching the project ‘Bacteria Tamers’

Hands are perhaps the most mobile part of the body. We use hands to carry out daily tasks, to express our emotions with gestures and to communicate with the world surrounding us. Hand hygiene is by far one of the key preventive measures to protect ourselves and those around as against infections spreading from person to person through contact. Although hand hygiene is the basic concept we take for granted, in most cases it is an underrated and frequently forgotten hygiene element. Therefore, The Public Health Office of Vilnius City Municipality, together with the producer of TINDI soap for children, NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB, is launching the project ‘Bacteria Tamers’ on the 5th of May this year to raise the awareness about hand hygiene.


The project aims at promoting personal hygiene among kindergarten children and at developing proper hand-washing skills. We believe that the knowledge passed through interesting games and activities will stay in the children’s memory for a long time. Thus in order to give a positive incentive to teachers and young people, we propose the contest ‘Where Have Yours Hands Been and What Have They Been Up to’. The contest is meant to mark the World Hand Hygiene Day which is celebrated on the 5th of May.





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