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About us


All products produced by NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB are created by our highly qualified specialists and are the result of years of scientific research and personal expertise.

Products’ components are carefully selected, tested and meet international requirements. The creation of each new product complies with strict technological standards including preliminary marketing research, microbiological control, laboratory analysis, independent expert advice and consumer tests.

NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB works in tight cooperation with scientist in the field of biotechnology, famous Lithuanian dermatologists and the Lithuanian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. Since 2012 NAUJOJI RINGUVA has been a member of the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association. Participating in the activities of the Association, the company represents its deep interest in development and application of biotechnological innovations in creating of new products and improvement of the technological process.

NAUJOJI RINGUVA AB laboratory is fully equipped to develop a complete range of skin and hair care, laundry and household washing or cleaning products.