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BALANCE eco-friendly dishwasher set (gel + rinse aid) 1+1

BALANCE eco-friendly dishwasher gel (500 ml) + eco-friendly dishwasher rinse aid (500 ml) as a gift!


The eco-friendly dishwasher gel effectively dissolves fat and easily removes stubborn dirt, food particles, tea or coffee stains on glasses, as well as ceramic, metal and other dishes. No water spots. The natural ingredients soften water and give a shine to washed dishes, glasses and cutlery.

The eco-friendly rinse aid helps with quick drying, leaving no water traces or spots on the clean dishes and giving them a natural shine. Protects your dishes from calcium deposits.

Gel and rinse aid are unscented and free from phosphates, chlorine or colouring agents. Biodegradable. Suitable for any kind of dishwasher.